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Thom Browne

The NYFW show that captivated my attention and left me pondering for days was the bone chilling Fall 2024 collection from Thom Browne. Browne was inspired and paid homage to Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven”, the show took place on Valentines day and created an atmosphere that was dark and thrilling through a faux snow covered runway while the reading of “The Raven” was spoken while the collection was displayed. The collection consisted of beautifully structured and decomposed blazers, pleated skirts and much more. This show stuck with me for a while because of Browne's creative direction with staging, makeup and even the hair that was placed in editorial ways, some even forming a beak. The reading of the poem created a haunting ambiance on Valentines day that reflected Edgar Allen Poe perfectly. Thom Browne has now captivated my attention more than ever and I can't wait for his next show.

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I am currently writing this post in my bed due to a POTS flare up and I started thinking about the best advice I've ever received about living with a chronic condition. Last spring when I had become super sick and had to leave school because of immobility, my mom packed her things and  lived with me for a couple months to take care of me. The first week she was here she saw that I missed the normal life I once had and said “When you feel down or sad that you can't live your life the way you use to, look at your surroundings, friends, family or nature because there's so many beautiful things in life that are worth fighting for”. That advice changed me and now when I get sick I always look at the sky and take a picture of it. The sky is so beautiful and is always changing just like life.

Do fur coats =confidence?

The simple answer is yes but why? Why does a single piece of outerwear take an outfit and your confidence to the next level. A fur/faux fur coat is a piece of clothing that has a certain IT factor to it but also represents class in an elegant way. Therefor wearing a piece that exudes these characteristics make you believe you to have those qualities. My favorite personal theory is that a fur coat is a cover, since a fur coat is such an exaggerated piece it allows the wearer to cover up their insecurities and plays into the "out of sight out of mind" saying. All in all the real question is why are we not all wearing fur coats on a daily basis to increase our confidence especially when we are feeling down. This is a rule to live by: When in doubt, wear a fur coat.

Reformation Takeover


Reformation is back and better! Reformation customers like myself are waiting for their summer collection to drop but instead are surprised by their new swimwear line! Reformation in my eyes has always been the timeless and effortlessly cool brand and now we can all have the Reformation "look" poolside or at the beach! Recently I did an Instagram takeover for Reformation and it was amazing! I was able to create graphics and posts for their instagram to promote customer engagement. It is always so cool working for a brand that you know and love. All in all it is going to be a Reformation summer!

Dyson has some serious competition


As a long time user of the Dyson AirWrap I thought nothing could beat the perfect blowouts that it gives every time. Even though I love and use the product my hair could never hold the blowout for more than an hour and a half. Not to mention if you have super long and thick hair like me it will take you at least thirty minutes to an hour to style your hair. Then out of the blue I get an ad on TikTok for a WavyTalk hot tool. Oh my god, it is the best thing ever. Because it is a hot tool and not a blowdryer you can actually do your hair in peace and not have hot air blasting you the entire time. My hair never holds and takes such a long time to do because there is so much of it. This tool styled my hair to look like a perfect blowout in under 10 minutes. My hair life will never be the same.

The Met gala confusion

The 2024 Met Gala caused a lot of confusion with the combination of this years theme and dress code. This confusion caused many celebrities to dress completely off theme and dress code this year leading to a lot of disappointment from viewers. The 2024 Met Gala exhibit and theme was the“Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” which is a collection of garments taken from the Costume Institute's permanent collection, these peices are so delicate that they can never be worn again. However, the dress code was The Garden of Time, a short story by J.G Ballard that depicts a story of a garden of flowers that manipulates time and protects from enemies. However as the flowers are picked their enemies arrival is imminent. The overall understanding of the dress code includes look themes of flowers and/or decay. While some guests missed the mark others absolutely nailed it. Zendaya is a prime example of a co host who understood the theme and dress code wearing not one but two looks on the Met steps.

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The new wearable for pots patients

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A new and exciting wearable is coming out for people who suffer from dysautonomia. This device is not only solar powered, small and the first of its kind but is a bluetooth connect device to the users smartphone. The device works by pressing against an artery to track and control blood flow to the brain that will alert patients when the blood is leaving their brain, a drop in blood pressure and a heart rate spike. This device is a huge step for patients with POTS and other dysautonomia conditions.

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